Those Wild and Crazy DIV Teachers

Ustraining1 Osceola County has a wild and crazy group of pioneer teachers who teach in face-to-face classrooms with an online presence using the Digital Interface Vehicle (DIV).  These teachers meet at least once a month and some of them come every Tuesday or Thursday to hone their skills and collaborate to increase student achievement in their classrooms.  As you can imagine when you spend that much time with one another you become more of a family.  DIV teachers are perfect DEN teachers because they love to share resources and learn new ways to use technology in the classroom.  On Thursday evenings, the DIV teachers meet at St. Cloud HS in DEN member Mark Hall’s TV studio laboratory.  The DIV teachers have grown to love Mark so much that on their last Thursday night training for this school year they decided to show him how much they cared.  Needless to say, a picture’s worth a thousand words………

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