Congrats to Julie Burchardt of Watertown!

Congratulations to Julie Burchardt of Douglas Elementary School, Watertown School District!  Julie_burchardt_watertown_douglas_elem

I recently asked Wisconsin DEN members to complete a Zoomerang survey giving me their input on their needs and insights.  This survey was completed by approximately 70 Wisconsin DEN members by the deadline, May 3rd.   As promised, one participant’s name was drawn to win a 1GB USB Flash Drive!   I used a pretty cool web tool called "Random Numbers" to select the number associated with my DEN’s name and info.   Take a look at "Random Numbers" as a possible useful classroom tool when you need one!   I entered the number of participants and asked the tool to select one number out of 70!  Julie’s came up.


Congrats to you, Julie, and THANK YOU to all who took the time to complete the survey.   I will be utilizing your input to help design future Wisconsin DEN events (regionals and district) and to help guide me as we continue to expand and support your efforts as a Wisconsin DEN Member.

I will soon be telling you about the opportunity to become a Wisconsin DEN Teacher Advisory Team member.   It is very critical to have a leadership team within our Wisconsin DEN who participate at a higher level in designing activities and events, guiding our gourp, and giving critical feedback and insights.  Five to six Wisconsin DEN members will be selected to represent our DEN and help guide the future.   Those interested  will self-volunteer to complete an application which helps me find the right leaders for our state effort. 

More details will be posted early next week on our Blog!

Stay tuned…

Jan Wee, Wisconsin DEN Field Manager


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