Discovery Educators Make a GIANT Splash… Sea World Style!!!

Atshamu2 Discovery Educators made a GIANT splash this past week at Sea World when they put their Best_foot_forward best foot (or should we say water shoe) forward at our first West Coast Regional Conference. 50 educators from 4 states gathered for a huge meeting of the minds! We started off as individuals and left united as a team… ready to face the challenges of the classroom with dynamic integration of technology to inspire our students! 

Morningcrew2My favorite part of the week (besides playing with the Beluga and wading with the slimy bat rays) had to be watching and listening to each of our DEN members talk about their lives, their struggles in the classrooms and finding answers on how to solve them.  The networking was amazing.  Whenever a question was posed…. the DEN members answered.  Actually it was very interesting to What_a_team actually not be the one presenting…. In fact, everyone was a presenter this week… could have been in their small groups or when they shared with the entire team, but each DEN member made a significant contribution to the learning that took place this week.

Teamwork The success of our event was not based on Discovery’s planning or the terrific staff at Sea World but because our Discovery Educators embraced this opportunity to connect and network with their most valuable resource…. each other. 

What_character_1 Stayed tuned for a variety of posts throughout the next week talking about all our adventures from some of the "characters" that attended!!!!


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  1. Genevieve Kahlweiss said:

    Jannita and Susan thank you for the great West Coast Regional conference at Sea World. It was a amazing educational experience to be with so many technology teachers in one place and to learn from one another. The positive synergy in our groups was so refreshing to be with people who possessed a hunger for knowledge. These DEN teachers care about making a difference in their students lives. Many times throughout the activities I would here teachers says, “The students will love this.” Teachers taking pictures and videos to bring back to school to share with their students. There was a teacher sending podcasts to his students from his cell phone and it would post to his teacher web site. How awesome is that?? I can’t thank you enough for this incredible time of learning I can’t stop thinking about it. Spending time at night in the shark exhibit taking awesome pictures! Petting the beluga whale! Singing Don’t Give Me No Sharks! Making many new friends and expanding resources! Now, I need to finish all the projects you have inspired me to make. I will be applying my new knowledge this week back at school. SEA ya!

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