Tip #4 – The Great Debate – Hyperlinking vs. Embedding

Dddtix_29 As we all know, unitedstreaming has so many great videos and video clips that we could use daily in our lessons.  The question is – "What can we do with the videos after we find them?" Did you know that you can create a hyperlink to a video in a word document?  You can also embed a video into a powerpoint slide for a presentation.  The key is knowing when to hyperlink a video and when to embed it! 

Check out the following documents for instructions on how to hyperlink and embed videos and how to choose which would work better for you!

Download hyperlinking_vs. Embedding.doc
Download hyperlinking_a_video.doc
Download embedding_video.doc

There are so many ways that you can use unitedstreaming in your lessons everyday!  Once you learn the basics, you can use unitedstreaming with other software applications such as Inspiration, Kidspiration, Timeliner and PhotoStory.  But…we will save that training for another day!

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