Tip #5: Wait…. There’s Another Tool in the Learning Tool Shed!

Dddtix_33 From Rachel Amstutz (Field Manager, MD/DC/International)

You’ve clicked on Learning Tools before.  You’ve used the Assignment Builder and Quiz Center.  You know this is where to find the Image Library and Encyclopedia articles.  But you may not know about the Teacher Feature.  That’s because its nametag is missing and it kind of blends into the page.  We’re working on that in our new version of unitedstreaming that will be released this summer.  But for now, I’d like to spotlight it and show you what’s waiting for you! 

The Teacher Feature is a collection of resources about a specific topic that are compiled in one location.  Every Teacher Feature includes three types of resources: Teacher Resources, Student Resources, and Videos. Click on each tab to see what neat resources are provided.  For the teacher, a discussion guide about the topic and lesson plans broken down by grade level are available.  Then there’s always something for students, but this activity changes in each Teacher Feature topic… it may be a crossword puzzle or a word search.  Finally, in the video section, you will find videos that about the topic complied for you.

Here’s how to access this tool:

• Log into unitedstreaming
• Click on Learning Tools.  Do you see that box under the Learning Tools page title that says Historic Speeches (this week’s topic)?  That’s it!  Another Tool for you to use! 
• Click on the link to see this week’s Teacher Feature. 

What more can a teacher ask for…all the resources for a topic right in one place!

Well, actually, there is a quite a bit more hidden in this Teacher Feature area.  Perhaps Historic Speeches is not a topic you teach.  Well, how about access to all of the previous Teacher Feature topics.   

If you go back to Learning Tools and look in the box that shows the current Teacher Feature, there’s a small blue link that says Archived Teacher Features.  From here you can scroll through the entire library, spanning all content areas, and find topics that relate to what you teach (or if you are like me, you’ll get distracted by neat topics and just go on a personal learning journey!).

Here’s just a few of the topics covered:
• Measurement
• Biomes
• Women in History
• Volcanoes
• Health and Fitness

This is one area you’ll want to check back on frequently.  A new Teacher Feature is added each week during the school year!

Did you discover something new? Deliver the discovery to at least three more colleagues and show them the benefits of what you discovered. Then document on the event on your report form! Get points for discovering, delivering and documenting! Maybe you will win this week! 

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