Tip #8 Crisscrossing the Country with Google Earth and unitedstreaming

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Many of you have heard about or even seen Google Earth, but did you know here is a whole online community that highlights features and uses of Google Earth (even groups that focus on educational uses).  You may also not be aware of how easy it is to combine the images and videos within unitedstreaming with Google Earth.  In fact, Discovery Education has even hosted an EdTech Connect presented by John Kuglin on how to utilize Google Earth with unitedstreaming content.  That special webinar can be viewed by clicking here and entering the password discovery. (I highly recommend downloading Google Earth first so you can try things out as you are shown.)

The assignment I have created in Assignment Builder within unitedstreaming for you is a wonderful little end of the year activity for grades 3-12 titled Crisscrossing the Country with Google Earth. Geus_5  It will provide a fun creative learning experience for students that can be easily adjusted to meet the grade you teach and the ability of your students.  The activity has students work in small groups to plan a trip for the summer that when completed they and their classmates can actually experience.  Don’t forget the amazing website that David Douglass is createing for teachers using Goggle Earth. So Discover Google Earth, deliver a great lesson to your students, and document what you have done. You can comment to this blog, sent in this form Download FLEventsReporting.xls or put your event on the DEN calendar.

Congratulations to Cheryl Heineman from Lakeview Elementary School.  Cheryl won a $20 gift card to the Discovery Store for our Week 1 contest of Discover, Deliver and Document.Dddtix_49  Just in time to use the 20% Teacher Appreciation Discount.  Last night we had a great DEN dinner and our littlest member drew her name. Littleden_2 Thanks, baby DEN.

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  1. Stephen Howe said:

    I’ve played around with Photo Story using pictures from United Streaming. It is a great product, and I hope to use it for projects in my classroom next year.

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