And the winner is….

And_the_winner_is_sm_clr For those of you who read the blog, you know we’re running a promotion: A tip a day in May. Each week we’re drawing a name for a winner of a small prize and then at the end of May we’re giving away a nice prize to all those who are entered. Any event North Florida DEN members hosted, posted to the calendar, and reported to me earns you one ticket. Any events posted and reported in May gets you 5 tickets. I just had the next ticket drawn and Dena Blanchard from Leon County’s ACE won a $20 gift card to Borders. There are so many great books to read in the summer, including Teacher Man and Hoot, I’m sure she won’t have a problem spending it.

Download den_event_summary2.doc

In case you did not get the email: DEN members of North Florida have a chance to earn a 6 month subscription to Cosmeo. This is a great opportunity to preview it before doing the Learning Adds Up promotion in your school. The first 15 comments automatically win and then I’ll draw for the other 5. The comment needs to be related to one hope you have as a member of DEN. What do you want to get out of it? What did you think you were getting into? What would you like to do to build our community of learners? Just answer one of those questions in either an email to me or on the comments below!

Happy Mothers Day to all of our Mothers! May this weekend be full of joy and love!


Thanks mom for everything, including reading my blog! 🙂


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  1. Eileen Lerner said:

    I hope to share ideas and resources with a community of other dedicated and experienced educational professionals.

  2. Nathan Guteras said:

    DEN membership has been an excellent way to learn about different ways to use United Streaming in many subject areas. Also I see the power of collaberation among teachers in finding new and creative ways to use Assignment Builder, Writng Prompts, and the Quiz modules into weekly lesson plans and activities. These are just some of the things I have gotten into at my school.

  3. Nikki Slinkard said:

    What do you want to get out of it?
    I really just want to expand my knowledge base, especially when it comes to technological things to use in education. I would say I am average when it comes to knowing how to use technology, but finding the time to sit down and create materials is another story! Where do you find the time? My grade level team is not as interested in adding technology in the classroom, and I hope that if I can show them some great ideas and materials to use, they will be more receptive and we can then start creating things together to lessen the load on us individually. I really think time is a big issue for all of us. So many things changed this year that took so much time, and it was a stressful year for all of us. Next year I want to have more interactive things happening in my classroom. I have got to do something to keep these students interested. This year, I had so many students with “I dont’ care” attitudes that it made for a rough 9 months. Just sense being on the network, I have seen so many “wow, that’s a neat idea” things. I’ve gotten a lot of “short cut” tips as well. I am so excited about next school year and as long as my 3 and 1 year old girls aren’t a handful this summer, I want to get a head start on creating powerpoints, assignments via united streaming, and start exploring Cosmeo so that I can get my school excited about it next year. I have some parents who I know would be willing to use Cosmeo over the summer with their kids at home, so if I am lucky enough to get the free subscriptions I will offer it to them so that they can come back in the fall and sell it to other parents!

  4. Linda Utter said:

    I want to be able to collaborate with more teachers throughout the state that teach the same subjects. I enjoy not having to reinvent the wheel. I also like sharing and learning new tricks. Thank you for your support.

  5. Brook Peabody said:

    I really didn’t know what I was getting into. But I am glad I did. I am able to share with other teachers at my school different ways to integrate technology and new cool tools to help them help children.

  6. Cheryl Cyrus said:

    As a Den member I have already begun great and exciting ventures I couldn’t have dreamed of! I am more of an active part of educators whose vision in teaching and learning replicate mine, sometimes almost synomously. I am excited to share my ideas and moreover to learn from others. The communication that is supported by DEN is the most advantageous. I daily check to see what new ideas/lessons are posted and immediately check them out and eight out of ten times, actually use them! As a UnitedStreaming trainer for our county (we just got the district license in January) I am even more excited in sharing the integration of US into the classroom of not just my school, but the district as a whole as well. My class is the first to fill when it comes to training, and I owe it exclusively to the wonderful program that UnitedStreaming is. I also won the BestBuy Teach Grant written exclusively on the use of UnitedStreaming in the classroom and wished to purchase LCD projectors for my school so that more teachers would be privy to the big screen when integrating US in their lessons. As a DEN member I feel I have increased dramatically in my enthusiasm and integration of US; the support and excitement is always inspiring. To jump start the next school year, I hope to do a fund raiser for Cosmeo; what a great way to jumpstart the subscription, but to be able to preview and utilize it over the summer and speak from an “experienced” user to “introduce” the program. Moreover in my training, I would also integrate its use as the enrichment home component as well. All in all, I have transcended dramatically with the UnitedStreaming DEN support. As a user of US two years prior, before being a DEN member, my integration has gone far beyond showing a video (initial use) to being completely integrated with embedding/writing prompts/hyperlinks…etc than I ever imagined. This inspiration is truly from the support, ideas, sharing and enthusiasm that DEN has provided–thank you for DEN!

  7. Autumn said:

    The dinner and other goodies were more than I expected but the real reward was learning that you can download the closed captions for Unitedstreaming videos. Can’t wait to find out more!

  8. Lesli Vester said:

    One hope I have as a DEN member is to learn more about technology and get ideas to share with my students. I want to learn new things and incorporate technolgoy in cool effective ways in my classroom.

  9. Stella Meridith said:

    The one thing(s) I want to get out of DEN are ideas that I can then share with the teachers at my school to either encourage more use or the get them started. Having a fleshed out idea to present to a teacher always grabs them.

  10. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    As a DEN member I am looking forward to starting a dialogue
    between DEN members. Sharing information and procedures to
    better our educational experiences. A place we can share
    resources and ideas so as not to continue inventing the
    wheel. As educators our time is pushed to the limit as it
    is, using DEN network we can hopefully better use our time
    and resources.

  11. Tracie Belt said:

    I hope to get a lot out of DEN. I would hope to be able to be a
    source that a teacher could ask for help on where to get an activity
    or ask questions of veteran teachrs. I would also like to get help for
    myself. I believe teachers should work smarter not harder and this is
    one tool that would help us all. Looking forward to webseminar.

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