Spring Fever? Re-Discover unitedstreaming!

For most of us the testing window has slammed shut and we’re wanting some fresh air.  It’s inevitable… Spring Fever!  We have two things shining in our lives – the sun and that light at the end of the tunnel.  Both lights call to us, and unfortunately in some cases, to our students as well!  So, how do we combat it?  What’s the cure for Spring Fever?  Just take Four a Day!  Take a moment to look at four ideas for using unitedstreaming each day for the remaining school days in May.  I’ll be posting these ideas for you, but I hope you will join me with your ideas as well.  Don’t be afraid to post a comment!  (If you are feeling impatient, and want to view 50 ideas all at once, log in to unitedstreaming and visit the Teacher Center.  There you will find the Trainer’s Toolkit with Integration Ideas.)  I’d like for you to try something new, stretch yourself, break out of the box… and hey, have some fun!!!  Keep reading below for your first, Four a Day in May!


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