Tip #11: Cross-Curricular Connections

Dddtix_68Here’s a really cool tip to show a teacher or two or three or fifty.  When you do a keyword search and find a bunch of great videos, you see the video’s title, a short description and some other important information such as grade level, runtime, teacher’s guide, etc.  A really powerful resource that appears with a lot of the videos is the Correlations link.

When you click on the Correlations link, it opens a window that shows you the standards from your state (and other states if you like) that connect to the video.  The really powerful aspect of this is that you not only see the Science standards for a video about the solar system, but you’ll also see Language Arts and Social Studies standards that connect as well.  What a great resource for making cross-curricular connections as you can now prove to your colleagues that as a Math teacher you should be invited to the Eglish Department’s holiday luncheons.

Here’s an example:
I found a video from Discovery Channel School on Mount Rushmore.  When I clicked on the correlations link, it showed me that for my seventh graders in PA the video addressed both Language Arts standard 1.6.8.A.2 and Social Studies standard 7.1.9.A.4.  Pretty cool.  Check it out for yourself if you don’t trust me…although if you are a seventh grade teacher in PA you already know those standards by heart and are silently applauding my tip.  Thank you.

Did you discover something new? Deliver the discovery to at least three more colleagues and show them the benefits of what you discovered. Then document on the event on your report form! Get points for discovering, delivering and documenting! Maybe you will win this week! 


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