Tip #12: Drag and Drop – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Dddtix_75From Karen Seddon (Field Manager, South FL)

As a teacher, I really didn’t understand the depth of unitedstreaming.  If I needed a video, I searched, found it, downloaded it, played it and that was it.  However, as unitedstreaming is constantly being upgrading and adding content, I thought it was amazing how robust the site really was. One area that was a complete surprise was the Image Library.

Many teachers are seeking safe places to find quality photos and images on the Internet.  The Image Library in unitedstreaming is the answer.  Not only are there amazing images, but they come in small, medium and large format complete with citations!

Here’s the cool tip that flipped me out the first time I saw it:
I did a key word search in the Image Library for monkeys.  I found this great image of two monkeys. I chose the medium sized image, opened PowerPoint and put the two windows side by side.  Now this is the amazing part.  I literally “dragged” the cute little monkeys and “dropped” them on to my PowerPoint presentation!  The same thing actually works for the citations.  Just highlight the whole citation and then “drag” the citation and “drop” it into the notes section on the bottom of your slide.

Now if that was a lot to take it. Watch this!

Download drag_and_drop_3.wmv 

Did you discover something new? Deliver the discovery to at least three more colleagues and show them the benefits of what you discovered. Then document on the event on your report form! Get points for discovering, delivering and documenting! Maybe you will win this week!

Download den_event_summary2.doc


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