Discovery shows in iTunes!


Are you a big fan of the Mythbusters?  Can’t get enough Shark Week?  Do your kids love the Save-Ums?  Well, now you can take all of those shows with you to go!

Discovery announced today a new partnership with Apple that is bringing shows from several of their channels into iTunes.  Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, Discovery Heath, Discovery Kids, and the Travel Channel all have content that is available for download to your iTunes and your iPod!  Don’t have an iPod?  No worries, it isn’t hard to watch the same shows on other portable media devices.  Pricing is standard for iTunes, $1.99 per show.

Personally, my favorites are The Most Extreme from Animal Planet and Mythbusters.  There are six Mythbusters episodes on there, so for just under $12 you’ve got six hours worht of Jamie and Adam blowing things up.   Ever hear the rumour that if you drop a penny off of a skyscraper, it will build up enough speed to kill somebody below?  They test it out!  They also test whether Adam’s tongue piercing can withstand a direct hit from a lightning bolt.  Great stuff!