Four a Day in May

United_stream_vert Did you do it?  Did you try any of the first four suggestions for using unitedstreaming?  Here are four more to add to your repertoire…

KWL — No, this doesn’t stand for Kick, Whine and Lose your patience.  You’ve worked really hard to finish those text books before the "big test" but now you still have time left before the year is over.  Let your students choose a topic, do the ‘K’ and ‘W’ charts with them, and then watch a unitedstreaming video or montage of video clips to complete the ‘L’ portion of this activity.

Graphic Organizers — If you are feeling the "Inspiration" use unitedstreaming images and clips within your graphic organizer software and help your students make valuable connections.

Teachable Moments — When I was in elementary school, it was a big deal to go to the dusty, old bookcase and choose a book with the right letter on it.  It was the teacher’s set of encyclopedias!  There you could find the answers to all of your questions… a wealth of information right at your fingertips.  My first grade students had this same sense of wonder and curiosity that I had as a child.  But this is a different generation and anytime we’d stumble across something unfamiliar, some little darling would always ask, "Do you think it’s on unitedstreaming?"  hmm.

Encyclopedia — …and speaking of encyclopedias…  No more scary internet surfing for your students in need of information for their state reports!  They can find the images and clips they need right on unitedstreaming.

Question for you:  Can anyone think of a way to create/manage/integrate a class "wikipedia"?


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  1. Kim said:

    Great idea for the state reports, we actually thought of that for our 5th graders, but when, when, when, will we get have student logins for Unitedstreaming so they can research, preview, download and use what they need for their reports??? Plese!!! 🙂

  2. Susan Staat, Field Manager Northern California said:

    Your wish is our command, Kim. You will be thrilled with unitedstreaming’s v3 (scheduled to roll out on June 5th!) More specifically, the student access issue is supposed to be addressed in August – I’m hoping in time for the new school year.

  3. Scott Johnson said:

    And as I learned at the DEN Western Regional Conference at Sea World in San Diego, Inspiration 8.0 integrated video clips very easily. I upgraded as soon as I got back!

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