A New unitedstreaming

V3_1If you have been on the unitedstreaming site over the past few weeks, you have no doubt seen this image of a cocoon (or is it a chrysalis?) with the tantalizing tagline “Coming Summer 2006—the new unitedstreaming.” A few days ago I had the chance to get a sneak peek at the new version of unitedstreaming which is set to launch in a few weeks, and I think you will be very impressed with both the updated look and the many changes and added features that will come with the new release.

You will soon learn more details about the new release, but you can expect new video content, enhanced search capabilities, more teacher tools, and additional professional development resources. In addition, you will have the ability to customize some site preferences to help you to make even more effective use of the site.

Most people reading this are active unitedstreaming users who have watched this online resource evolve over the past few years, and you have already seen many changes and improvements to the site that have grown directly from suggestions made by teachers and Media Specialists. Here is my question to you—as you think about what your own classroom might look like in the next few years, what new resources and instructional tools would you like to see incorporated in upcoming versions of unitedstreaming? What kinds of materials would you like to have available on the site and how would you use them to change the way that you deliver instruction to your students?

Stay tuned—you may be surprised at how many of your ideas are already in the works.


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