Are You Ready for Four More?

Video Scavenger Hunt – During the West Coast Regional Conference, our wacky DEN members had an added "assignment"…they were given a digital scavenger hunt.  Some of the 30 things they had to do included: 1. take pictures of certain SeaWorld animals,  2. they had to ask others to take pictures of them with a duck, wearing a funny hat, or rolling down a hill,  3. they had to be on the lookout for (or convince) someone to dance, etc.   My intention for them was to have some fun, give them something to do if they completed their ‘real’ assignments early, and get them networking with each other.  They took it so seriously!  Some of them were downright covert about the whole thing.  In the process though, I think my goals were achieved and at the same time, we had some real laughs.  Try to incorporate a scavenger hunt into a unitedstreaming video… our kids won’t even realize that they are learning! 

Back to School Night – Is it too early to start thinking about this?  How about this idea?  Brainstorm with your current class the major topics of study that they do in your grade level.  Assign groups to find clips or images that represent those topics.  Then together, create a brief timeline or PowerPoint with those clips.  The kids will get a nice review of their year and you will have an awesome presentation for Back to School Night ’06/’07!

Editable Clips – Feeling overly ambitious?  Go one step further with the Back to School Night idea and have students do the voiceover narration!  Your student’s parents will love you!!

Shake it Up, Babytwist and shout…  (yep, the caffeine is starting to kick in now!)  Seriously though, get your students up and moving by watching some unitedstreaming physical education video clips. … twist and shoutc’mon, c’mon baby now… work it on out…

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  1. Mark Jeffery said:

    Suz, these are great and creative explanations of the “50 Ways” info from unitedstreaming! Your descriptions should be shared with ALL of the DEN’s members.

  2. Karen May said:

    The Back to School idea is phenomenal. That’s it! I’m doing it.

  3. Susan said:

    Karen, if you try the Back to School idea, I hope you will share your project on the DEN website!

  4. Scott Johnson said:

    Very cool, fun, and impressive activities, Susan! These are great. I have been sharing them with my staff. Also, we are currently updating my Back-to-School Power Point Presentation to a Movie Maker movie and we incoporated a Photo Story movie as well. This is great! Keep them coming.

  5. Scott Johnson said:

    The Editable Clips is a great idea! We have been building them in my history class since March. The kids love it and it really makes them think. Bloom would be proud to see such high levels being achieved by incredibly valuable tools. Of course, we had to do some not-so-serious clips, just to practice the technology. Then we got down to business. Next year’s class will be blown away and in for a big surprise when they see this year’s Oscars!

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