Discovery and iTunes

Discanditunes This is great news! Discovery and iTunes have partnered to bring digital video into the palm of your hand. My nephew was telling me how much he loves Myth Busters.  Can you imagine how cool it would be to be able to check out your favorite episodes?  Some of the shows you can check out on iTunes include Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, Discovery Kids, and the Travel Channel. I can’t wait to hear about the ways teachers are going to start making magic with these in the classroom!  (The links above will take you directly to the shows in iTunes, but they are a little pokey!)

Dddtix_87 Last night we had a little DEN dinner and Dr. Diane Darling pulled last week’s winner of the Discover, Deliver and Document contest.  Congratulations, Tricia Milazzo, at Lakeview Elementary School in St.Cloud, FL.  In honor of this cool Discovery and iTunes partnership, you have won a gift certificate to iTunes. Itunescertifcate

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