Four a Day in May: Using unitedstreaming

Integration Ideas 13 to 16

The First Six Weeks – I figured that since I have already mentioned the beginning of next year, I should just get it all out there.  I don’t want to drag out the drama and trauma associated with the thoughts of starting all over again.  (Think of it as quickly ripping off a Band-aid!)  That said, plan on starting your new school year with unitedstreaming videos that set the tone of teamwork, cooperation and conflict resolution.  (See, now that didn’t hurt much, did it?)

Hands-On Math – We might be tempted to pull out those math manipulatives and allow our students some "free exploration" time.  You could easily find a video or video clips from unitedstreaming and really round out the lesson (and not feel too guilty about finishing up those remaining report cards!)

Bulletin Boards – Are your bulletin boards looking a bit neglected?  Let your students play "Teacher" by using images and clip art from unitedstreaming to create a special, end of the year board for your classroom.

Activator – Are you still trying to teach some last minute skills?  Are you getting those dreaded blank stares?  Use a unitedstreaming clip as a unit opener to re-activate their enthusiasm!


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  1. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I like the idea of using unitedstreaming in math as an activator or support in a math manipulative lesson/station. Thanks Susan!

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