Tip #14: Inspired Streaming

Dddtix_91 (from Danielle Abernethy, North FL DEN manager)

One of the many reasons that I love unitedstreaming is that it plays nicely with other software. I love how I can embed it into PowerPoint, create my own digital stories with it in MovieMaker (or other programs like iMovie), and even use it with my favorite software, Inspiration.  It has been around for more than 20 years, and with each new version it gets better. I started with 6.0 and I am loving 8.0. (Don?t worry, if you don?t have 8.0, you can still use unitedstreaming with Inspiration 6.0 and up.)

unitedstreaming  images can easily be imported into the image palette by saving the picture, then going to UTILITY>>EDIT SYMBOL LIBRARY>>IMPORT GRAPHIC>>Locate graphic>>insertkeep it standard symbol size. By doing this you can customize your graphic organizers to fit your lesson plan needs.

But wait, unitedstreaming is most famous for videos, and yes you can use video with this program! Basically, there are two ways to use video in Inspiration.

Hyperlinking: This is the universal, works with all versions, way of using unitedstreaming  with Inspiration. Basically, you?re going to hyperlink to the file you downloaded or take them to the web. Directions are also found in the Help section of unitedstreaming.

Embedding: This is only available in 8.0, and it can be tricky for those of us who use Windows Media Player. I created a simple diagram on how to create your video, Embed1_1available in either Inspiration 8.0 file or in PDF format. Build your graphic organizers around the embedded video. 
These two documents will help you with embedding Video:
Download insprtn.pdf
Download how_to_embed_video_into_inspiration.isf.pdf

Danielle is our greatest fan of Inspiration and unitedstreaming.  She has a bunch of files on her blog.  Check them out. (Must have 8.0 to open Inspiration documents).

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