This week's winner!

Fireworks_big_burst_lg_nwm_1 In honor of the Discovery Shows now being available in the iTune’s library this week’s prize is a $20 iTune’s Gift Card. The winner can use it to purchase the episodes of the Myth Busters, Shark Week, shows from the Travel Channel and more!

Suspense is building…..who is the winner? Who’s going to spend $20 at the iTune’s Snag0046_1_2 store? Who has completed events that include mining for treasures in unitedstreaming and differentiation? This week’s winner is Shelle Belle, aka Shelley Thompson, from Putnam County. Congratulations to Shelley.

Don’t forget to send in your events each week for your chance to win! There’s one more weekly prize before we draw for the end of May Surprise – well worth your time for recording events in May! And don’t forget about our first ever webinar on Monday at 4. If you need the details, email me!


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