Events! Events! Events!

First, thank you to our four members –Sandra and Cheryl from Putnam County and Sue and Cecelia from Hernando County for joining us in our first ever North Florida DEN Webinar! Also, thank you to Steve Dembo for technical help and Karen Seddon for moral support. We learned all about being an active DEN member and why events are important. We’ll schedule another one soon for those who could not join us!

Exclamation_mark_boing_sm_clr Speaking of events – did you know that if you met with three colleagues today and told them the tip of the day in passing you can count that as an event? Seriously! Did you know that if you showed 3 or more teachers today how to use Inspiration with unitedstreaming you can count that as an event? Or if you helped three teachers log in and share with them basic search strategies you can count that as an event? And did you know that anyone who turns in an event by May 31st has a chance to win an MP3 Player? And events turned in from May and June give you a chance to win the east coast presentation prize. Yes, seriously! Just turn in any events on the attached form.

We had an interesting phone call today and South Carolina/North Carolina are averaging 100 events a week! Last week it was hinted that other states were doing a lot of events, but Brad Fountain’s DEN is really energized! They are blowing us out of the water and into the next galaxy! Log in those events!

Monarch_flap_wings_sm_clr One more note: Mark your calendars for 4 PM June 6th for a Launch Party for unitedstreaming: The Next Generation! We’re going to meet at Panera Bread at Millenia Mall (and online!) Those who join us in person will have a chance to win some FUN prizes and those who join us online also have a chance to win a cool prize! So mark your calendar and get ready for the excitement!

Download den_event_summary2.doc


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Sounds like a great event! I took the quiz and the new features are going to be fabulous!I will be there as long as my husband can watch the baby.

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