Integrating unitedstreaming

Four a Day in May: numbers 17 through 20

Music Videos – I’ve always imagined that if I had to teach anything above fifth grade, my students would think that I was the coolest of all the teachers that they had ever had in their short, little lives.  The fact that I just used the word "coolest" would probably be a good indication that I’m not as hip as I’d like to think I am.  However, wouldn’t it up your coolness-factor if you assigned the creation of a music video to your students at the end of the year?  Use a program like iMovie or even PhotoStory and simply have your students insert images from unitedstreaming with a piece of really "cool" music that they have created.  Then have one day to enjoy your own little bit of educationally appropriate MTV. 

Put the POW in PowerPoint – Many of you out there may be experts in PowerPoint.  Others of us are still struggling with it.  One way to make your PowerPoint presentations knock their socks off is to embed or hyperlink unitedstreaming video clips.  Look out George Lucas!

Discussion Guides – Have you taken a look at the Discussion Guides or Blackline Masters that come with many of our unitedstreaming videos?  Now may be the time to discover something new to you!

Quiz Challenge – Let your students create quizzes for classmates in the Quiz Center on a topic from class this year!


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