You can qualify to win an LCD!

iLCD — Wisconsin DEN Promotional Event

The Discovery Educator Network is an active community of users collaborating with other educators who love to integrate unitedstreaming digital media in the classroom.   The best way for each of the 170+ Wisconsin DEN members to be ACTIVE and enrich the experiences of his/her colleagues is to share expertise, ideas and insights through teaching colleagues how to integrate and utilize unitedstreaming in their classroom.  

Have you held any training sessions at your school?   If so, did you remember to email me with the details of your session (date, place, number and full names of attendees, any feedback or input) and send a copy of your Sign-In sheet?   Every training session that you do with three people or more is reported weekly along with my own trainings so please ALWAYS report your trainings!

It’s not too late to report trainings that you have done this school year (just email me with the details noted above)! BUT… ONLY the trainings held Tuesday, May 23 through Friday, June 23 will count for this promotion!  This promotion is also synchronized with the launch of the new DEN web portal (version 3.0) which will make its debut on June 5, 2006.  Everyone will be excited to learn about the new features of unitedstreaming and you can help share the excitement by leading a session for several teams of educators.

Here is your chance to schedule several training events during the next FOUR weeks – May 23-June 23. This is a great opportunity for you to be an ACTIVE and INVOLVED WI DEN Member and ALSO earn the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for one of the most valued pieces of technology equipment– an INFOCUS X2 LCD Projector!



Download x2_DS_E.pdf   (See this specification file for more details!)

Promotion Requirements

1)      You must register in advance in order to participate in this promotion by sending an email to Jan Wee at by sending your full name, date and time of workshops, and request for training materials (if needed).  Keep in mind that each DEN member has FOUR Training Kits available to order per year with materials for 10 attendees in each kit.

2)      You must complete the downloadable Sign-In Sheet form at your session and return it to me via snail mail (return address is included on the sign-in form).

3)      You must have a minimum of 3 people who meet at least 1 hour to count as an event

4)      You may hold this session at school or in the comfort of your home or even a wireless coffee shop! J

5)      Your training may be a DEMO of unitedstreaming OR can be an integration workshop session.

Example:    Show a group how to integrate unitedstreaming video clips into a multimedia presentation resource such as PowerPoint or Keynote; Create an assignment in Assignment Builder;  Create a Quiz in the Quiz Maker;  Develop writing prompts to promote writing across the curriculum; Create a slideshow using Photo Story and unitedstreaming digital images from the image gallery; Show others how to edit "editable" clips using MovieMaker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac); Demonstrate how to link video into Inspiration concept maps or webbings; Demonstrate how to use Google Earth and embed video clips within Placemarks — ex. Tour the "Ring of Fire" or the Civil War battlefields.

OR qualify by hosting one or more DIGITAL CONNECTIONS WEBINARS at your school.   Schedule your Digital Connections webinar with Jaana Narsipur!

Download digital_connections_2006_awareness_flyer.pdf

6)    Each training is worth points. 

                  Each 1 hour event with a minimum of 3 people = 5 points

              Each point = one raffle ticket!


n      Extra points are not given for more people in attendance to keep the logistics simple and allow for small group sessions to be valued.

n      You may do multiple sessions for the same people but each hour long session must be on a different topic or focus area relating to use of unitedstreaming or integration of video or images from unitedstreaming.

n      The best way to gain points is to hold multiple sessions with DIFFERENT attendees!

7)      In order to be included in the drawing for the LCD projector, you must:

n      Do a minimum of 4 events with at least three people attending the training event.

n      You may do as many trainings as you would like to do within the May 23-June 23 time frame and submit each training via one envelope to my mailing address along with the evaluation forms.

n      You must submit feedback evaluation forms from attendees (an evaluation form is included here:  Download evaluation_feedback_form_May23_June23_2006.rtf

n      Complete events and submit your sign-in sheets Download EventPromotionMay23toJune232006.rtf and evaluations by 4pm June 23 via snail mail to my home office:  Jan Wee, WI DEN Field Manager, 431 N. Youlon Street, West Salem, WI 54669

n      Additional smaller prizes MAY be provided for second through fifth place winners. Those prizes may include USB jump drives (1 GB) or other appropriate items.

n      The drawing for the LCD will be held on Friday, June 30 to allow all submitted paperwork to arrive at my home office.   Winner announced via the Wisconsin DEN blog the evening of June 30th.     A video of the drawing will validate the raffle and be uploaded to the Wisconsin DEN for viewing.

Questions?   Please post your questions to this BLOG!  That way everyone will be able to see the response!


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