Tip #17 – Calendar – Who Did What, When?

Dddtix_104 (by Dawn Strunk (New England Regional Manager)
Do you know what happened on July 28th?  Well, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Beatrix Potter were born; fingerprints were first used for identification; potatoes were first introduced in Europe, and oh yeah, it’s my birthday!  Can you guess which of these events are on the unitedstreaming Calendar? 

Have you been to the Learning Tools in unitedstreaming and clicked on the Calendar?  Icon_ltcalendar The Calendar provides you with video programs, video clips, a summary for that event in history.  There is a historical event tied to each day of the calendar year, specific to seven subject areas, including commemorative holidays and nationally recognized weeks and months (i.e. May is Mental Health Awareness Month).  The Calendar will always default to the current date, but you can choose any day of the year.  Check out what happened in history on your birthday!

How should you use the Calendar feature with your students?  Here are only a few ways to utilize unitedstreaming’s Calendar of Events:
• Start your day with a historical event in your class or with the morning announcements for the entire school. 
• Research important events in history and why we celebrate that holiday.
• Getting to know you activity for the beginning of the school year.  See a previous PA/DE blog post to learn more.
Post a comment and share how you creatively use the Calendar in the Learning Tools.  Icon_ltcalendar_5

Did you discover something new? Deliver the discovery to at least three more colleagues and show them the benefits of what you discovered. Then document your event on the report form! Get points for discovering, delivering and documenting! Maybe you will win this week!

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