Necc_logo  YIPPEEEE!!! The CA DEN is lucky to have the LARGEST NATIONAL EDUCATION COMPUTING CONFERENCE right here in San Diego this year, July 5-7th.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you beg your administrators to SIGN YOU UP!!! Every year this conference shifts to another state, so now is the time to go.  Hotels fill fast so make sure you make your reservations and check out the NECC website by going to http://web.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2006/

The theme of this year’s NECC is Explore… Dream… Discover.  Almost sounds like it was written for our dynamic DEN members who have taken an incredible journey this year through technology. Many of you have asked if we will be hosting a DEN event at NECC and we are currently trying to get something in the works… but we need to know who will be there.

So, here’s your chance… POST A COMMENT and let us know WILL YOU BE AT NECC?


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  1. Ana Estrella said:

    I will be at NECC all week. I am doing some volunteering so I would like to know if and when anything is going on To make sure I’m free.
    Ana E.

  2. Sandy Paul said:

    Even though I am retiring in June, I wouldn’t miss NECC for anything, especially when it is so close!
    Sandy Paul
    Cypress School District

  3. Janet English said:

    It sounds wonderful but I will be at a birthday party at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire! 🙂

  4. Ray Waller said:

    I’ll be there, staying at the Hotel Solamar. Can’t wait…great job on the new V3 United Streaming yesterday. Great to hear/hang-out at least virtually with a few of the Shamu/Shark tank crew. DTF on the beach party. Blessings…

    Ray Waller
    Centennial HS

  5. Susan Little said:

    I am pretty sure that I will be going…

  6. Grace Hauseur said:

    ALL of the Del Mar USD Site Technology Coordinators (7 credentialed teachers), the district Director of Technology, and I (unitedstreaming district administrator and married to the Director) will be in attendance! Our home is 10 min. from Sea World and 15-20 minutes (depending on traffic) from the San Diego Convention Center on the cliff overlooking the ocean between Pacific Beach and La Jolla. We could host a wine and cheese casual reception at our home if you would like an off-conference site venue. The view is spectacular! DEN members could car pool with those of us that have cars. We could designate a time and place to meet on the conference site, hand out maps, and make sure that everyone has a ride. Discovery could either cater dinner at our house or we could suggest local places that are the new hot spots in Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Some restaurants, we can walk along the beach to and others we would need to car pool to. Jannita, we should talk! Depending on numbers of DEN members that are interested, we could even charter a bus! Leave it to Ray to be staying at Hotel Solamar – a new, hip, boutique hotel with a great 4th floor bar around the pool with lounging beds!

  7. Christy Keeler said:

    I will be at the Embassy Suites. I sure hope to reconnect with some of the DEN-ers from the CA CUE conference.

  8. Linda said:

    I will be at NECC – welcome all of you to San Diego my hometown! Fourth of July at the Convention Center will be amazing!

  9. Sandy Prigger said:

    I’ll be attending as part of our EETT educational group. There are going to be over a hundred teachers from Fontana going. I’m looking forward to 3 days of great computer stuff. Sandy

  10. Char Gould said:

    Wouldn’t miss NECC! Looking forward to San Diego and seeing all the latest and greatest.

  11. Andrea Earl said:

    I will be attending NECC. I’m looking forward to it!

  12. JoAnn Kilkeary said:

    I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing what DEN will do at the conference.

  13. Barbara Miller said:

    Sorry, I will be teaching summer school.

  14. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    I am planning on being there but just for the day. Not sure which one just yet.

  15. Jutti said:

    Can’t go. No $$$

    Have a good time and let us hear all about it!


  16. Genevieve Kahlweiss said:

    Hello DEN Teachers
    I am going to the NECC conference for the first time and I am excited. I am looking forward to our get together.

  17. Paula Schmidt said:

    I will be at NECC and want to go to the wine and cheese party as well as meeting at Dave and Busters.

  18. M. Hoctor said:

    I will be at NECC. I’m really looking forward to it.

  19. K. Sheldon said:

    All signed up and excited about attending my 1st NECC…especially since it’s close to home. Won’t be at the Convention Center for the 7/4 evening festivities since I’ll be helping out at the 4th of July BBQ on the historic ferryboat Berkeley at the San Diego Maritime Museum. It’s another great place on SD bay to watch the fireworks if anyone’s interested…plus the food’s great! Looking forward to meeting other den members at Dave and Buster’s, and also at the Wine and Cheese Party if it happens.

  20. Ruth Abatzoglou said:

    I will also be going to NECC for the first time. I heard it was a great conference and that I shouldn’t miss it. I will be attending with our school libarian. The two of us will represent Century High School in Santa Ana. I would love to go to the dinner and I never miss a wine and cheese event. Hope to see you all Ruth

  21. Maryann Bingham said:

    Wendy Davis and I will be at NECC as will our principal… can we bring her to Dave and Busters.. We dont want to leave her alone!

  22. Maryann Bingham said:

    Oh I forgot to tell you.. I am from Fontana and we will be staying at the hotel where the conference is!

  23. Judy Lieb said:

    I will be spending that week in northern CA with my family. If it were a different date, I would be there. Hope everyone has a great time!!

  24. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    I will be there from July 5-7th. I will also be there at Dave and Busters. Can’t wait to see everyone. 🙂

  25. Annie Mais said:

    Annie and Becky are coming
    together – let us know what time Dave n Buster’s is….and check out the blog for the WAMI/Beach reunion!!!! We’ll be there too!

  26. Becky Farina said:

    Two for one. . . Annie and Becky are arriving together. Suprise, Suprise! We would love to sample the chocolate cake at Dave and Buster’s with everyone and see if it anything like Sea World’s.

  27. Katie said:

    I am excited to be attending my 1st NECC. I’ll be there from the 5th to the 7th. Hope to connect with my DEN buddies – again in San Diego!

    Katie Warren

  28. Teresa Guilian said:

    HI! It will be great to see people from the Anaheim CUE ’06 conference there, esp. technology coordinators! I’m staying 2 blocks away at the Horton Grand Hotel call my cell if youd like to join us for a beverage – 949 306 9058. See you at NECC ’06!

    Teresa Guilian Laguna beach CAL.

  29. Jo-Ann Goldenberg said:

    I will be there Wednesday-Friday. I can’t wait!

  30. Becky Farina said:

    I am going on Thursday!!!! See you at Dave and Busters!!!!

  31. Jim Gianola said:

    I will be attending NECC San Diego and look forward to meeting other DEN members

  32. Melody Williamson said:

    I will be at NECC. I am excited about all the DEN events. I am bring two teachers with me and a friend. Can’t wait to see y’all there.

  33. Jennifer Wagner said:

    I will be at NECC. I will be presenting a poster session on Thursday from 10 – 12. Please stop by and say “Hello”.

  34. Jean Cavanaugh said:

    This year will be my first time at NECC. I’m looking forward to it and learning more ways to enhance my classroom curriculum. I also hope to make some new connections.

  35. Paula Schmidt said:

    I will be there! Where can I meet up with some CA Den members?

  36. Jason Galeener said:

    Don’t know if it is too late or not but my wife and I finally decided that we’re going down for the conference. See you there.
    Jason-the-trainr-guy from Academic Technology Solutions.

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