Key Features and Functionality of the NEW unitedstreaming


Besides an enhanced site design, the new unitedstreaming will include improved search functionality for more accurate results, faster.  A dynamic drill-down navigation menu will drive targeted search results. In addition, you will continue to have the ability to search by keyword, subject, grade or curriculum standard.

New Video Content
More than 1,000 new titles will be added over the course of the Summer and
2006, including: Foreign Language, Secondary Math, Science and Language Arts Current events videos.  High-quality videos from leading educational publishers will include: Discovery Channel, Channel 4, BBC, and Math Mastery.  Webimage_7

New Media
The new unitedstreaming will appeal to different learning styles with our expansive audio library of sound effects, songs and animations, searchable by keyword.  Animated textbook diagrams will help add dimension and intrigue to key concepts.  A new library of primary images of shapes, colors and objects will appeal to elementary teachers.  New images of historical events and cultural figures will also add value to the collection.

V3_6 New Teacher Preferences
The new unitedstreaming will allow select content to be personalized to grade and subject.  Create a customized homepage to view weekly updates of new and most viewed videos.  Archive created assignments, quizzes and writing prompts in personal folders.

To learn more, go to

Dddtix_125 Last week’s winner of the May Tips, Discovery, Deliver, and Document contest is Debbie Bohanan, our MOXIE DEN member from Reedy Creek Elementary School.  Fetc_039_3 She won a $20 gift certificate to iTunes that she received through email. Her name was drawn by Bob Abraham, DEN member at Poinciana High School while we were training how to put unitedstreaming movies on our Palm TX handhelds.  Teachers are permitted to download unitedstreaming videos to their handheld devices for face to face instruction.

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PS – Don’t forget the Launch Party!   (Scroll down to the last post for the details.)


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  1. Michelle Brooks said:

    I attended the Palm TX training yesterday and I have to say it was one of the best workshops I have attended. I learned so much and found it very useful. In fact I returned from the training and immediatly put to use the training I had received. If you have the opportunity to attend this training I highly encourage you to. This is one workshop that is NOT a waste of a teachers precious time. Thank you Karen!!!

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