Weekly Update: May 26, 2006

Pitt_pirate_gameThanks to Tom Medved for the great shot of PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  A few brave DEN members stuck it out through the rain and enjoyed the Pirates victory over the Reds.

Join Us for the STREAMATHON
Join us June 5 for a full day of webinars on the new unitedstreaming.  From 8 AM to 8 PM, there will be non-stop webinars that highlight the new features and content of the new unitedstreaming.  Stop in for an hour or pitch a tent and stay for the whole day. 

Here is the link: <https://discoveryed.webex.com/discoveryed/j.php?ED=87012307&UID=32353627>
Password: webinar

More details to come next week!

What is the New unitedstreaming?
Besides an enhanced site design, the new unitedstreaming will include improved search functionality for more accurate results, faster.  A dynamic drill-down navigation menu will drive targeted search results. In addition, you will continue to have the ability to search by keyword, subject, grade or curriculum standard.

New Video Content
More than 1,000 new titles will be added over the course of the Summer and
2006, including: Foreign Language, Secondary Math, Science and Language Arts Current events videos.  High-quality videos from leading educational publishers will include: Discovery Channel, Channel 4, BBC, and Math Mastery.

New Media
The new unitedstreaming will appeal to different learning styles with our expansive audio library of sound effects, songs and animations, searchable by keyword.  Animated textbook diagrams will help add dimension and intrigue to key concepts.  A new library of primary images of shapes, colors and objects will appeal to elementary teachers.  New images of historical events and cultural figures will also add value to the collection.

New Teacher Preferences
The new unitedstreaming will allow select content to be personalized to grade and subject.  Create a customized homepage to view weekly updates of new and most viewed videos.  Archive created assignments, quizzes and writing prompts in personal folders.

To learn more, go to http://www5.unitedstreaming.com/comingsoon/

Discovery Educators and the PA Computer Fairs
Congrats to Jim Natale’s students who claimed top honors in the Middle School Computer Fair. 

Check out the article.

Also, I was at the PA High School Computer Fair this week and bumped into a ton of DEN members.  Great seeing all of you.  The projects were really impressive, and I even got to make a cameo in two of the videos produced that day.  I think the students saw the Discovery logo, my unshaven face and assumed I was one of the fishermen from Deadliest Catch. 

This Week’s Discover, Deliver, Document Winner!
Congrats to Dave Solon for winning the weekly ticket game drawing.  Dave just won a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

Another Walden Sighting at Delta-Peach Bottom

Dpb_walden_3_1 On the path to learning…

Dpb_walden_1 …hanging out with new friends…

Dpb_walden_2 …and earning his keep.

Looking for Philadelphia Area DEN Members
Our sponsorship team is working with Clorox to develop school kits that emphasize the importance of cleanliness, etc.  They are looking for some K-3 teachers (don’t have to be DEN members) for a focus group the week of July 10.  There is a stipend involved for 2 hours of focusing.  If you have a handful of teachers who are interested, let me know.

Digital Documentaries Workshop
On July 27th, Jennifer Dorman is presenting a full-day workshop at IU12 on digital documentaries. 

Stimulate students to become directors of their own learning.  Learn how to implement digital documentaries to energize instruction and assessment while engaging students to think critically, increase organizational proficiency, hone interpersonal skills, and achieve truly authentic learning through multi-media rich authoring.  Focus on the full documentary authoring process from research and organization to directing and producing.

Workshop flyer: Download Dig_Doc_flyer.pdf

Act 48 info: Download Register_Act48.pdf

Discovery Logos for Your Presentations
If you are presenting during the summer and want to include some Discovery graphics in your PowerPoint or handouts, feel free to visit our site and download the logos.

Password and username is “logos.”


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