The New unitedstreaming

More Key Features and Functionality of the new unitedstreaming

The new unitedstreaming will include innovative teacher tools, such as the Assignment Builder and Quiz Center, allowing educators to select content for student access.  The new Writing Prompt Generator tool will work with any image on unitedstreaming allowing you to create your own writing prompts.

Teacher-Managed Student Access
Students will be able to access and explore teacher-selected assignments, quizzes and media published to the Student Center and accessable from anyplace.  Student usernames and logins will allow easier tracking of student activity.

Professional Development Enhancements
The Video Library of Best Practices will include topics such as differentiated instruction, technology integration, classroom management, and parental involvement.  In addition, new Live curriculum-based Web Seminars on science, language arts, social studies and literacy will be led by visionaries in education technology.  The technology integration demonstrations will provide weekly teaching tips and “classroom quick start” ideas as well as “how-to’s” on using leading educational software including: Inspiration, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements, Microsoft Office and PowerPoint.

New Upgrades to Administration Tools
The new Server Manager and Network Manager will allow for easier management of server storage space, content downloads and auto-updating of software application to give greater content control.

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