The Next Generation of unitedstreaming

You have heard the news, haven’t you?  unitedstreaming is getting a serious upgrade in June!


  • Fully Customizable: Create your My Homepage for weekly video updates and personalized content based on subject and grade level.
  • Innovative Tools: Improvements have been made to Assignment Builder, Quiz Center, and Writing Prompt Generator to support creation of teacher-selected content.
  • Added Video Content: More than 1,000 new titles will be added over the course of the Summer and Fall 2006 from leading educational publishers including: Discovery Channel, Channel4, BBC, and Math Mastery
  • Professional Development enhancements: Improved search functionality, upgraded administrator tools, and more!

There’s a ton of other new features and content as well, such as animations, audio files and much much more.

To celebrate the NEW unitedstreaming, the Discovery Educator Network is hosting our very first Streamathon!  From 8:00am to 8:00pm EST on Monday June 5th, we are going to be having a non-stop webinar where you can learn all about the new features and get an indepth look at how you can use them in the classroom.  The schedule is forthcoming but don’t worry, we’ll be repeating key topics throughout the day.  So if you miss it once, you’ll have other chances to catch in depth looks at the features you’re most interested in.

Also, on June 6th, at Panera Bread at Millenia Mall we will host our own webinar with Matt Monjan and play games for prizes to celebrate the Next Generation of unitedstreaming. Don’t forget the flyer contest. I have one person who already told me she’s entering! Are you?

Keep your eyes open for more information throughout the next few weeks!


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