Two PA DEN Members on Their Way to NECC

Necc06_4Congratulations to Kerri Detsch and Joanne Perry of Kane Area High School for winning the resource upload contest!  Both Kerri and Joanne earned a trip to NECC in San Diego as a result of all their hard work.  Thanks for representing PA in the promotion!  Eight other DEN members from eight different states also won the trip.  And yes, I make mention of that because PA is the only state to have more than one winner! 


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Let me be the first to congratulate Kerri and Joanne on winning an all-expense paid trip to NECC. I am so thrilled for you; it will be a conference of a lifetime. We are lucky that TWO DEN PA members will represent us and please do blog and keep us all informed about what you learn. Congratulations on your diligence–always harder to juggle everything at this time of year–but you did it with mastery. Congratulations!!

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