Museum of Tolerance

I have wanted to go the Museum of Tolerance for well over a year… but you know how it goes… one thing then another.  But when DEN member Char Gould emailed and asked if I wanted to tag-a-long, I didn’t let this opportunity pass.  So off I went with a bunch of high school students.  I have to add that she works in a highly ELL population zone.  When I saw them pile off the bus, I thought to myself this should be interesting.  We of course took that "special" group… actually those rambunctious ones are the ones I love the most… but I wondered how they would handle a place such as the Museum of Tolerance.

Worry no longer… in walks Eddie… a little old man with white hair and a sense of humor to boot. Yikes I thought… hope they behave.  When we arrived in the 1st room Eddie showed us a wall full of photos of children all under the age of about 10.  He let the kids know that all were dead… but one… and asked the kids to point out which one they believed it was.  AMAZING the first guy he called on got it correct!  Eddie let us know that the photo was of him!  With that said and already a somber moment we proceeded through the rest of the museum.  Eddie guided them through with whispers… all the kids were TERRIFIC!

It was such a touching day… I won’t fill in all the details cuz I would love to take some of you on a field trip to tour the facility with Eddie.  So who would like to go? Post a comment and let me know.


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  1. Char Gould said:

    Just returned home from NECC. Felt like I needed to reconnect with Discovery and decided to visit your blog – boy I was stopped cold when I saw this story. That was a very special day – We don’t always make connections. These kids understood Eddie – he faced life and death challenges each day. In some ways, so do our students -living in ghettos – locked down each night. They understood deeper than many of us could possibly. The beauty of his love, caring and humor disarmed them. We hope to bring students to the Museum each year – we need to remember the survivor stories will only be told by them personally for a limited number of year.

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