Professional Development

Where would the next generation of Discovery Education unitedstreaming be without next generation Professional Development tools? We understand that state-of-the art Professional Development that offers differentiated instructional approaches, practical classroom application, staff development credit and on-demand access is critical as the world of digital media evolves. With the next generation of Discovery Education unitedstreaming, we’ve got you and your staff covered.

Beginning June 5, you and your team will have FREE access to a myriad of exciting professional development opportunities including:

Teaching Tips — Quick practical suggestions for a classroom boost or link to instructional animations on the use of digital media.

Best Practices — Short video segments profile model teachers as they demonstrate sound teaching strategies to enhance student learning

Webinars and Digital Connections — Customized WebEx workshops combine online facilitation by a DE certified instructor with onsite hands-on project creation. (Click the links to view the a Webinar Overview and the June calendar)

unitedstreaming in Action— Downloadable PDF’s with easy "how-to" steps on using unitedstreaming. See samples on Embedding, Digital Storytelling.

Project Demonstrations — Curriculum-based lesson plans demonstrate integration of unitedstreaming with a variety of popular software applications. 

Interactive Training — Self-directed, web-based lessons on Differentiated Instruction, Integration Strategies, and Teacher Training offer downloadable certificates for CEU credit. 

Courses for Credit — Distance learning courses focus on effective instructional strategies using unitedstreaming. Graduate credit offered by higher education partners. Professional Development

To prepare your staff for the next generation of unitedstreaming, visit to download and distribute brand new training resources such as a QuickStart card, a PowerPoint which previews the new features launching this summer, an overview of Professional Development options, and much more!


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