Tip # 23 – How About 50 (or so) More Ideas?

Dddtix_142 (from Lance Rougeux, DEN Field Manager PA/DE AND East Coast DEN Director)

What an incredible month!  A Tip a Day in May has been a blast and all of the feedback from DEN members across the country is really exciting.  So, let’s keep the momentum going through the summer.  I mean, what better time to take all 22 tips (and more) and show them to your colleagues?

To help with that, here is a presentation I use called 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming. 

Discovery_education This PowerPoint includes my notes for delivering the presentation to an audience of 5 or 500 and is a really fun way to show off all the amazing things you can do with unitedstreaming.  Feel free to customize the presentation to make it your own. 

And, have fun Discovering, Delivering and Documenting all summer long!

As always, I am
Ubiquitous1_4 Ubiquitously yours,


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