Hurricane Season

Hurricane_pic1 It’s official, hurricane season has officially started! I flipped through channels this morning listening to the various topics, ranging from how prepared are we really to how many named hurricanes will strike land. I decided to check out the Hscreen_1 resources we have at Next Generation unitedstreaming site by typing in "hurricane". The results were incredible! There are 39 full length videos, 196 video segments, 10 images, 82 articles, 3 quizzes, 3 events, and 1 lesson plan. On June 5th you can also see how the Next Generation of unitedstreaming helps you narrow down your search by topic and more!

But Discovery Education does not stop at providing these resources for our unitedstreaming subscribers. Discovery Education was recently featured in the news about their efforts in Making Change for Katrina. Discovery Education is creating and implementing curriculum programs on Change hurricanes, along with assisting in fundraising and spreading the message of giving across the nation. I encourage you to look at these resources as you spend the summer preparing for hurricanes and planning for next school term. And if you have spare change, find a Coinstar to contribute to those in need.

I feel like a small hurricane myself right now. I breezed into Tallahassee to meet 100_0070with some Fantastic educators in Leon County and now I’m in Jacksonville to assist Ruth with trainings at the St. Joseph Catholic School for the St. Augustine Diocese. During these travels it was discussed having a Discussion Board thread just for North Florida. It’s been created! Go to the discussion boards and tell us some ways you’re going to use unitedstreaming for summer planning. I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can get busy, whether with Making Change for Katrina or just as a DEN.

I’ll annouce Event winners tomorrow!Get those event logs in!


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  1. Dena Blanchard said:

    Enjoyed the dinner and training by Danielle at Cabannas in Tallahassee. I was able to learn a lot from talking with other prospective DEN members. Thanks for coming!

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