Prizes for Tuesday

Butterflies_different_colors_sm_clr_1 Someone asked me what are the prizes for Tuesday’s Party at the Millenia Mall’s Panera Bread. Now I can’t tell you that! What fun would that be? 

But here are some hints for prize categories. First the party is open to any unitedstreaming user. So…..

Monarch_flap_ty_blkThere’s a prize that will be given away during the webinarMonarch_flap_ty_blkThe DEN member that brings the most guests will win a special prizeMonarch_flap_ty_blkThe DEN member that comes the farthest will win a special prizeMonarch_flap_ty_blkThe DEN member that creates the most creative flyer wins a prize (available to online participants)Monarch_flap_ty_blkThe DEN member who wins the unitedstreaming: The Next Generation Trivia wins a prize (available to online participants)Monarch_flap_ty_blkand then we’ll have some other drawings.

Register_lg_nwm If we have at least 20 people register for the event, I’ll wear a special costume. I’ll even take a picture and post it on the web if we have at least 10 people on the webinar from North Florida. I hope to see some North Florida DEN members there! I hear the South will be well represented! Don’t forget we’ll also draw the winner for the last prize for the Tip a Day in May contest and the M P3 player. Are all your events turned in?

Download den_event_summary2.doc 


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