The NEW unitedstreaming Arrives with Many New Features

Balloons_confetti_md_wht The New unitedstreaming is here! Go ahead, log in! It’s finally here! To celebrate this event, each day this week we’ll be presenting a new feature here on the blog.  Be sure to tune in each day to find out about something new, and just like in May – discover it, deliver it and document it for your chance to win!

This tip is a personal favorite from Chris Marshall, Southern Texas Field Manager. Not only will unitedstreaming now bring you videos for your student’s educational enjoyment, but now it will bring you something that is music to my ears! Have you ever wished you had coolAudio_files_md_wht sound effects when editing your digital story or the sound of wildlife in the background of your PowerPoint about Audio the rain forest?  Well, the NEW unitedstreaming has added over 3,000 audio files, including a five minute one on the rain forest!  These files can be streamed or downloaded just like the videos, and it’s just as easy to do.  Download this PowerPoint tutorial to learn how.

Download using_audio_files.ppt


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