Customize your Home Page

De_blackjpg_1 Here’s another tip for using the new unitedstreaming, but in a more personalized way. Have you ever wanted to put many of the search tools and features you use most often right on the Home Page each time you come to the site? Well, now you can. The new unitedstreaming is designed to accommodate your own preferences and cut down even more on your search time by allowing the resources to come to you.

Today’s feature will show you how to put those resources right at your fingertips. In this new version, you can choose the resources you prefer to use and display the links to these materials right in front of you each time you log on to the site. You can place a variety of options on your page such as the week’s top videos, new videos, and featured videos related specifically to your subject area. You can even choose teaching tips that will allow you to access professional development strategies with just a click of the mouse.  To learn how to customize the unitedstreaming Home Page, click the link below to download a PowerPoint tutorial.
Download custom_homepage.ppt


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