Streamathon? More like a marathon!

To celebrate the new updates to unitedstreaming, the Discovery Educator Network hosted our first ever Streamathon on Monday!  It was an amazing success, with literally hundreds of educators from across the country participating.  Brad Fountain kicked off the Streamathon at 8:00am EST, and Jannita finished it off at 8:30pm EST (she was supposed to end at 8:00 but went an extra half hour due to popular demand!). 

It was quite inspiring to see people attend, leave and then come back again and again and again.  One person attended before work, taught all day, went home and then jumped right back in to attend the last session of the day!

I’d love to hear from some people that attended the Streamathon.  If you were one of the hundreds that participated, share your launch day experience here! 



  1. Beverly Plein said:

    I guess you could say I was a “streamathon junkie” – I waited patiently for it to start (I live on the East coast) and then found myself connecting whenever I had a few spare moments – prep, lunch and even between classes. When I got home, I made dinner quickly for my family so I could catch the last session with Juannita (in case I missed anything.)

    I thought the whole experience was fabulous! It was so nice to have someone teaching me for a change. I loved seeing all the new features of and can’t wait to share these things with the rest of the teachers at my school.

    I espcially enjoyed the interaction of teachers around the country – both on the phone and in the chat room.
    Unfortunately, this is such a busy time of the school year that teachers at my school could only participate briefly during their prep periods. This would be a great way to kick off the school year (although I’m glad you did it now so we can use it as we plan for next year.)

    Any chance you will do something like this on a monthly basis – maybe just a few hours long , sort of an online professional development session? (Teachers could attend it instead of the regular faculty meeting 🙂

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