Your Personalized Home Page… Check it out!

De_us_globeleeft_under_8 Here’s another tip for using the New Unitedstreaming Version 3, but in a more personalized way. Ever wanted to make a really good and useful webpage better by putting your own personal touch to it? Well now you can. The New unitedstreaming is here to accommodate your own taste and cut down even more on your search time – by allowing the resources to come to you.

Today’s feature will give you that feeling of comfort right at your own fingertips. In this new version, you can select choice options of resources and place them right in front of you each time you login. You can place such options on your page such as the week’s top videos, new videos, even featured videos – all related to your subject area. You can even choose teaching tips which will allow you to quick reference learning opportunities with just a click of the mouse. Download this PowerPoint tutorial to learn how.

Download My_Homepage.ppt


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