Drill Down For Best Results

Have you noticed the new search feature on the new unitedstreaming site?  Are you aware of all that it can do?  You might consider it an advanced filtering system because it gives you the ability to ‘drill down” into the depths of the unitedstreaming libraries to find all of the resources you need for your presentations and classroom activities. Here’s how it works.

When you do a Keyword Search in unitedstreaming and click the “GO” button, you will see a list of media types, subjects, and grades on the left side of the screen.  The numbers in parentheses after each item indicate how many resources are associated with each media type and category. At this point, you can click on the links for the categories you want to explore and “drill down" according to your needs. For example, a 7th Grade science teacher might start the search process by typing “oceans” in the keyword field. To narrow the search after the results are displayed, the teacher might then click on the “6-8” link to view materials that fit the target grade range and continue to drill deeper by clicking on the “Science” link and then a topic link such as “Earth and Space Science.”

This wonderful new tool will make it easier for you to find the resources that best match your needs.  Give it a try during your next visit to the unitedstreaming site. Click the link below to download a tutorial on search procedures:

Download drill_down_powerpoint.ppt


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