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Amazing We had so much fun tonight! Vivian, Karen, Mary, Joyce, Fotini and I had a wonderful three hour training on the 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming. This is one of our favorite trainings at Discovery AND it has become all the more special with the NEW unitedstreaming.  A series of four trainings are available for teachers with wireless laptops in CyberSpot – St. Cloud’s FREE wireless network.   2nd_graders_1These trainings are repeated once a month and include: 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming, PowerPoint and unitedstreaming, Google Earth and unitedstreaming and Assignment Builder/Quiz Center. 

Wonderful I think these trainings are particularly special because it is always limited to a small group (10 at the most) and we definitely practice what the Discovery Educator Network is all about – connecting teachers to their greatest resource – each other!Reading_1 Cybersot06

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  1. Fotini said:

    As always Karen made it easy and interesting for all of us. It was educational, fun, and delicious. Thanks.

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