Making Change for Katrina – Put your loose change to good use

You’ve got loose change lying around right now.  You know you do.  It’s in your cars ash tray, under the sofa, in the tupperware container you use as a change bank, and there’s probably some more in  the pocket of that jacket you don’t wear anymore.  However, all that spare change really adds up.

The Discovery Educator Network is proud to be participating in a program called "Making Change for Katrina", a national fundraising effort to raise money for the tens of thousands of Katrina victims that still don’t have homes. 

Via "According to Coinstar Inc., idle change — unused nickels, quarters, dimes and
pennies — in United States homes adds up to more than $10.5 billion – enough to
help build thousands of homes for victims of Katrina." 

The money raised is going to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  I can personally vouch for how incredible an organization Habitat is.  My mother in law was the recipient of a Habitat house and it has literally changed her and her children’s lives.

This is probably the easist charitable campaign you could every participate in.  You don’t need to fill out any forms or write any checks.  All you need to do is grab a few handfuls of change and swing by any of the 12,000 Coinstar machines that are located in stores throughout the country.  Put your change in, and get your tax deductible reciept out.  Simple as that.

The last few times I went to the grocery store, I took the change I had in my pockets and just made a quick donation out of it.  Every little bit helps and you can donate as many times as you like.  So do your part to make a difference.  Gather up those nickels, dimes and quarters and help us turn them into homes!


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  1. Karen Dekker said:

    What a GREAT idea!! So, I dug through my car and purse and found $.55. Yikes. I must be low on cash!

    I look forward to meeting new people at NECC.


  2. Ana Estrella said:

    Hi Jannita, I was hoping to see your amount here. Is this where I am supposed to post it? Anyway if it is I found $21.37 in my room alone. I am haveing a school wide contest next week. I had to give the teachers enough notice. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    Ana Estrella
    San Diego, Ca

  3. Ray Waller said:

    Sorry I was late getting my total in. $57.02 It was finals week and I had only a couple of students pitch in, but me being the pack rat that I am had a nice stash in my jar. Yeah…summer vacation!


  4. Julia said:

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Julia and I am working on the Making Change for Katrina campaign. I wanted to let everyone on the Discovery Education Network know about our blog. I update it as often as I can with news, links, and other cool stuff related to Katrina. Use it as a resource and post comments!

    Good luck this upcoming school year!

    Make Change for Katrina and Rebuild the Gulf

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