The New unitedstreaming – As Clear as the Writing on the Wall

The New unitedstreaming has another tool in its arsenal.  Along with the Quiz Builder and the Assignment Builder, now there is the Writing Prompt Builder.  You can create your own original writing prompts with embedded images from the unitedstreaming image library or search for ones already made.  Create an entire library of writing prompts in your "My Content" area and never be at a loss when you need one quickly.  Challenge your students with open ended, critical thinking questions aligned to your curriculum. Since you are the creator, you can write prompts in other languages. You are now able to include academic vocabulary specific to the needs of your students.  

It’s something to write home about!


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  1. Kim Richter said:

    Hey we were looking at your blog in our Tech Academy. Great Job!

  2. Susan said:

    Hey Yourself! You are too kind! It has been fun to do a blog once I got past the uncomfortable feeling of possibly sounding like a complete goofball. Thankfully, my DEN members are very forgiving. 🙂

  3. Mark Jeffery said:

    As part of our EETT Tech Academy, I taught the teachers how to create their own Writing Prompt using unitedstreaming’s great new tool. It was a huge hit with all grade levels!

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