Writing Prompt Builder

The New unitedstreaming has another tool in it’s arsenal. 

Along with the Quiz Builder and the Assignment Builder, now there is the Writing Prompt Builder.  You can create your own original writing prompts with embedded images from the unitedstreaming image library or search for ones already made.  Create an entire library of writing prompts in your "My Content" area and never be at a loss when you need one quickly.  Challenge your students with open ended, critical thinking questions aligned, to your curriculum. 

Download this video tutorial to learn how and feel free to share it with others. 

Download writing_prompt_tutorial.wmv


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  1. Hillary Leetney said:

    Although this buillder is quite old, I’m still using it. Sometimes whne I’m in a hurry, it saves me. Sometimes it’s even fun when i’m creating my prompts. This tool actually not only helps me create prompts for students, but also helps me organize my ideas and thoughts so that my lessons would be “messy.” Just like the dissertationwriter says teaching yourself prioritize writing is a no-fail secret to successful writing, learning how to use this tool is a no-fail secret to interesting and educational lessons.

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