unitedstreaming – the award winning site that keeps winning awards.

If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably already familiar with just how incredible a website unitedstreaming is.  However, it’s always nice when people with awards to pass out agree!

On June 9th, Discovery Education won two Distinguished Achievement Awards from the Association of Educational Publishers.  One award was for Educational Websites for Science and the other came for Best Interface Usability.  We were nominated for seven awards in total, including the prestigious Golden Lamp.

Congrats unitedstreaming.com!



  1. Carlos Sutton said:

    Let me be one of the first to congratulate United Streaming on receiving these prestigious awards. It in no way suprises me that the website is being honored. United Streaming is and will continue to be phenomenal because of all of the hard work that has been put into its development.

    United Streaming’s website is more than just videos. The site is a sophisticated teacher and student resource of technology-related information that keeps getting better as the needs of our educational society continues to grow. Keep up the good work and the innovation.

    Carlos Sutton
    Dekalb County Schools

  2. Julia Davis said:

    Congratulations to unitedstreaming!

    When I first began using unitedstreaming, I used it as a place to get videos. Now I know that it is much more! Being a DEN member has given me the opportunity to learn about these other features and they just keep getting better.

    Now that the new version is out, more awards will be on the way!

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