Mobile Filmaking – No camcorder? No problem!

Discovery Networks Asia are sponsoring a Mobile Film contest open to residents of Australia,  Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, India, New Zealand and a few other countries in that area. 

It’s pretty similar in format to the CellFlix Festival that Ithaca College hosted.  All the footage has to be filmed using your mobile phone.  The project can have a maximum of five digital photos or one video clip (it can be several clips together edited down to one clip).  Maximum length is 30 seconds.  It is designed to be filmed on a cell phone and watchable on a cell phone.

While most of you reading this blog aren’t eligable for the contest, the site does have a fantastic resource available.  The MobiFilm Academy provides step by step instructions for creating films using mobile devices.  It’s not just technical instructions either, they have lighting tips, ideas for storyboarding, and suggestions for editing your raw footage. 

You may not have a classroom set of camcorders available for your students, but how many of your students have cell phones hidden away in their lockers or backpacks?  Try not to think of them as contraband, rather as their own personal camera/camcorder!  Those cables to connect them to the computer only cost a couple of bucks on eBay, FAR less than the cost of a new camcorder.

And if you don’t think that a thirty second movie created with a cell phone can truly be considered a digital story, check out this award winning film from the CellFlix Festival.  It’s only thirty seconds, so go ahead and watch it twice if you need to.  Powerful stuff in a tiny little package.


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