What has DEN meant to you

We’re working on a new brochure for the DEN — and we’d like to include a few quotes from our members.  So – I’m throwing this question out to the community —

What does DEN mean to you?  How have you benefitted, or how has it changed you to be a member of the DEN in the past school year?

Post your comments below.



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  1. Bill Lemberg said:

    One of the benefits of being a DEN member is the technology training and seminars that are available to me. Many of these opportunities have allowed me to expand my professional skills and equipped me with new classroom strategies.
    I also love the opportunity to network with other educators and those who are on the cutting edge of educational technology

  2. Keith Schroeder said:

    Being a DEN member, with all of the opportunities have kept me up to date on lots of different emerginging technologies. It’s also given me the chance to network with some awesome people who have been supportive and made suggestions on various topics in Information and Technology. It’s been the highlight of a challenging year. Thanks for letting me be a DEN member!

  3. Carmen Maglievaz said:

    The DEN has provided resources for my classroom and really helped me learn some of the best technology applications for my classroom. I can’t wait for school to start so I can use photo story 3 to make movies with my kids, which is one thing I learned at our last DEN meeting. I feel lucky to have become a part of this organization!

  4. Dan Brown said:

    I get to focus on my teaching because the Den brings all the lastest and greatest right to me. Thanks…

  5. Michelle Erickson said:

    Being a DEN member allows me to connect to other educators who have discovered and use new ideas throughout their day. As an educator I am asked to teach a classroom of students the same concept through their learning style. This gives me another way to try and make the concepts connect to their life and make it mean something for them.

  6. Dan King said:

    I think the DEN idea has really kept me in touch with what is happening around the state and with Discovery Ed happenings. It’s just another tool we all have to help in integrating technology and helping our students live and learn in the 21st Century.

  7. Sally Walter said:

    When I discovered Unitedstreaming two years ago, I was blown away by the possibilities for using those videos in my classroom. In the past six months I have been been blown away again by the resources and opportunities for me personally with the DEN. My trip to Dallas in June will be my first ever opportunity to attend a digital conference outside my school district. You bet I am excited!

  8. Kara Leonard said:

    Being a DEN member has been such an exciting journey thus far. It is amazing to belong to a network of educators that are trying to find new and fun ways to add spice into their classroom. One of the greatest gifts is to receive new ideas and resources that can be instantly used in the classroom. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist and I LOVE sharing the great ideas I receive from the DEN to the teachers at my county! Thank you DEN, I am proud to be part of such a great network of people!

  9. Nathan Guteras said:

    DEN membership has helped me exchange ideas with other DEN members, facilate learning of students and teachers at my school. United Streaming service provides opportunities to take virtual fieldtrips with our studebts.Having resources like writing prompts and video clips to build background that connect with national and state standards will continue to assist in raising our students’ acheivement and knowlege beyond the four classroom walls.

  10. Debra Breunig said:

    Being a DEN member means I’m well-supported and appreciated. In my eleven years of teaching I have never worked with a product or an organization so focused on supporting me in my classroom or so desirous of my feedback in order to improve the product. I have been provided numerous resources including on-site training sessions so that I may better incorporate United Streaming into my curriculum. I’m constantly being provided the chance to make comments about possible improvements. Frequently my suggestions have already been addressed in an up-grade or new aspect of the product. United Streaming is wonderfully flexible and DEN is the organization that keeps the product friendly and usable. Keep up the good work!

  11. Mark Hall said:

    The DEN has not only been a place to learn from other educators but also a place to share and help others. I have learned many new things from the DEN especially from the blog. I also have a chance this week to meet with other educators from throughout the southeast and work with them to develop new digital stories to use in the classroom. I’m sure this will be a very rewarding time and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.

  12. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    After giving another presentation about United Streaming to my staff, I was called “Miss Technology” by some of my peer teachers and it really made me laugh. Thanks, Wisconsin Den for making this vetern teacher feel as if I deserve that crown! (I am still waiting for the sash and roses.)

  13. frank devereaux said:

    I love the ability to share ideas with fellow educators and to scan through ready-made, tech-savvy lesson plans. My students have really enjoyed my lectures ever since i have incorporated united streaming’s mini-clips into my powerpoints. DEN membership is always informed with step by step directions on how to use the latest software/websites. The resources seem endless and continue to grow every month!

  14. cathy houchin said:

    The Wisconsin Den provides me the opportunity to use technology and learn new and improved ways to do use it. It keeps me from getting in a rut of always doing things the same old way. I want my teaching to be exciting and educational at the same time.

  15. Brian Bartel said:

    The discovery of United Streaming and the DEN happened for me at the same time, and they have both invigorated me into exploring new ways to effectively utilize technology in my teaching. Seeing the online community grow in the DEN blogosphere has also been enlightening – it is becoming more of a place where teachers are sharing their ideas, successes and struggles.

  16. Patrick Uselding said:

    Becoming a part of the DEN and using unitedstreaming has been great. I am doing so much more in my classroom with technology. I look forward to learning more and getting more involved!

  17. Rachel said:

    The DEN is a great resource for so many levels of learning. I know that there is always someone in the community that has the answers to the questions I am looking for and if not, my DEN leader is always there too. What a great way to learn – in your own space and time – for busy teachers. I love the chance to become more involved in the changing needs of the learners we work with from students in my classes to adults I train.

  18. Esther Frost said:

    Being a DEN member has provided me with training materials and the ability to provide good inservices to teachers in my building. I was especially pleased to be able to show the United Streaming website to teachers in a more professional manner because of these materials. Being a member also has introduced me to new technology such as Google Earth.

  19. Wendy Norton said:

    The DEN allows me to collaborate and share ideas with other teachers. I enjoy being able to share technology with others, wnriching lessons for students everywhere. Technology meets so many needs for our students and the DEN gives great insight into new technologies and by collaborating with others I can see how other teachers approach technology and apply it differently than I do enriches my learning. The DEN is a very useful resource for all teachers.

  20. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    Prior to this week, the DEN to me was a great way to access resources online. But after attending the DEN Regional Institute in Atlanta, the DEN is a true community of educators who have a passion for changing education with technology. They are a group of people who you can call on at any time to help with creating that masterpiece for your classroom. I love the DEN!

  21. Carlos Sutton said:

    Good day to all,
    In my opinion, the Discovery Educator’s Network (DEN) has been one of the best experiences in my life regarding technology. I am firm in my belief that there is no other entity that is providing as many resources, opportunities, and information about how to use technology in the classroom. When I think of the DEN, I ponder about unlimited possibilities for teachers and students.

    After a week-long, engaging session as a DEN member this week, I am confident about spreading the word about United Streaming updates and the value of Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB)to my school district in Dekalb County. Teachers across the world need to know that there is an entire generation of young people who are advanced in their technology skills and that it is time for educators to match that movement. The best way to keep up with students is to learn ahead of them or at least alongside them, so that the United States can remain a leader in the global community. Again, a big thank you goes out to GPB and the DEN for transforming my thinking about technology.

    Carlos Sutton
    Chamblee Middle School
    Dekalb County Schools

  22. Beth Clarke said:

    I have recently become a DEN member and I am excited to explore its opportunities! Our school district is piloting United Streaming in one school (which is not mine), and then I’m hoping the following year will be our turn! The support and sharing from others in the DEN is a tremendous resourse and I plan on tapping into that more this school year!

  23. Sunshine Darby said:

    As a technology training specialist, being a member of DEN is extremely helpful. I look forward to the weekly emails I receive. They help me keep up to date and give me great ideas for future training sessions. I have also used the resourses and articles to spread information throughout my district.

  24. Julia Davis said:

    Even though DEN stands for Discovery Educator Network, it also means Discovering, Educating, and Networking to me.

    As a relatively new member, it orginally meant browsing through the website and checking out resources. But after attending the Southeast DEN Institute, it means much more. I had the opportunity to discover new resources, meet educators with great ideas and similar goals, and practice new skills aquired.

    The networking aspect of DEN is probably the most important to me. What better place to talk about technology than Discovery? When you have people that are excited about technology, it is easy to learn and share. It was obvious that we all wanted to be in a learning environment and I loved it!

    Julia Davis
    SC DEN member
    Lexington School District Two
    West Columbia, SC

  25. Donna Criswell said:

    This is my district’s first year with unitedstreaming and I can’t say enough about the support and resources Discovery provides. As a Technology Integration Specialist, teachers are my primary students. The amount of support I have received in order to promote their understanding of the power of video in the classroom (among many other resources) has been phenomenal. Discovery understands what it takes to reach out to teachers and students and goes the extra mile to make powerful, ongoing and meaningful connections to those in the field.

  26. Dawn Statz said:

    I have just recently joined DEN this past spring. I am amazed with the wealth of information that is shared with one another. I actively use the Unitedstreaming videos in my classroom instruction and am excited about implementing digital storytelling projects this next school year with my students. What a great opportunity it is to belong to this network.

  27. Jeanne Auensen said:

    From “No, no time, can’t do it,” to “YES, OHMYGOSH, Really!!” Learning from the DEN, then showing my teachers is an automatic WIN WIN. I’ve never had such amazing support and training for an educational product or group. The DEN has teachers who want to teach & share & collaborate. Our regional group met/ate/learned/worked together for 4 days, from 7am breakfast ’til 11pm (5am for some), and I was sorry when it was over. Imagine wanting to learn something new & asking for &getting immediate, joyful, enthusiastic help. There’s nothing like a DEN!!

  28. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    It has been wonderful to develop a network with other educators who share my passion and excitement for the many great things DEN has to offer. This experience has been great. I am so excited about being able to share this information with other educators. I can only imagine how exciting the world of education would be if every educator was a DEN member.

  29. Chris Ausprung said:

    Being a DEN member means a lot to me. I see that the DEN shares my teaching pedagogy, and I know what I learn through the DEN is high quality. I really enjoy using technology, and I like how the DEN keeps me up to date on the newest ideas/resources. I am proud of being a member and of being able to be a leader of technology use at my school. I only wish that I had more time to participate/contribute to the DEN. Thank you Discovery, for this unbelievable opportunity!

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