I’m wired. Ask any one of the 30 attendees at the South East Regional DEN Event in Atlanta. We started the night off with a reading of the book "ish" by Peter Reynolds and then a "Getting To Know You Game." Instead of playing People BINGO or another game, we just gave everyone someone else’s nametag and told them to find that person. It worked out really well and I think everyone met at least 5 people that they had not met before. With North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama our networking skills will be fine tuned. (I met three GA people who told me they read my blog. What an honor!)

Cando_attitude Our theme this week is "Masterpieces". Most educators I know stress over making their projects perfect and work tediously to get things just so! We only have 3 days to learn and master some new techniques, which is why I read "ish". If you have not read the book, order it today. My favorite page is when Ramon says he felt light and energized. "Thinking ish-ly allowed his ideas to flow freely. He began to draw what he felt- loose lines. Quickly springing out. Without worry." I encourage all attendees to think ish-ly this week, and those of you back home who are attending classes and such, try thinking "ish-ly" as well.

Gotta read the book to understand "ish-ly". And check out his website for more creative ideas.

OH! And check out: He Was Me. Great reminder to be a kid at heart! Once you check Peter’s Masterpieces, leave a comment below. I’ll do a drawing from the names for a copy of one of Peter Reynold’s from the comments when I get back to Florida.

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  1. Wendy Morris said:

    Thank you for sharing this book. I LOVE The Dot by Peter Reynolds – it spoke to me. ISH spoke even louder – I tend to be a perfectionist so therefore tend to be too critical of myself and the things I try to produce – every now and then -I don’t even try to do some things (like blog) for fear of not doing it well – but I CAN SO ISH!!! I think I have a new personal philosophy – can you be perfectionalistish?!!? 🙂 Wendy

  2. Raedene Frost said:

    The presentation by David Warlick was a masterpiece! I am looking forward to taking back this information to my district.

  3. Michele Futch said:

    What a great website! Peter Reynolds really encourages people to be creative and to publish their thoughts or pictures. His website offers creativity tips. He also has “8 Tips for Creative Publishing.”

  4. Janet Dowding said:

    ‘ISH” was a great way to start off this awesome event! The amount of information is amazing and the people are a-one!

  5. Cheryl Cyrus said:

    Ditto, Wendy! As I sat down to write this comment, I read Wendy’s and was awestruck by the fact that she had verbatim my thoughts and feelings! Thank you again, Danielle, for sharing!

  6. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    Thanks for sharing your “ish” with us. This is great!!!!

  7. Larry Wolfe said:

    Call me ISHmael. (and yes, I saw the white whales – actually four of them – although none had Moby in their names).
    Yes, I’m having fun in Atlanta learning stuff, meeting fellow DEN peoples and learning new stuff on computer (great researcher – even on computer – but mediocre, at best, as a computer person. This is not my first commentary by a long shot but as a section of blog, this is my first. I also have not thrown pods – but we will see about that later today. If you get a chance got for a DEN activity with lots of us at it in the near future, worth it and fun people!! Bye and thanks for reading!!!;)

  8. Julia Davis said:

    I have read both “Ish” and “The Dot.” These books are great! “The Dot” was on South Carolina’s first Picture Book Award Nominee list. It did not win but elementary students around the state have now been exposed to “The Dot” and Peter Reynolds.

    I checked out some ideas from Mr. Reynolds’ site and a suggestion was to make IM names under book character names. Since we can’t use IM at school, an idea would be to make a book charater blog. Author it as if you were the character instead of yourself. I might have to do this in my media center!! The kids would love it.

    I have had a great week and I cannot wait to spread my new knowledge at my school.
    -Julia Davis
    West Columbia, SC

  9. Jack Ray said:

    It has been an adventure. Remember to slow down talking. “Ish” was very good and I have had a good time. Thanks for telling me to join.

  10. Mark Hall said:

    Starting off with the book “Ish” really helped to make the event more comfortable. Knowing that we were not expected to fully create masterpieces in three short days made things much easier. It is evident that Brad, Danielle and Katherine put in alot of time planning this event to make sure everything was ready for us. I appreciate everything that was done to get things ready for us.

  11. Kara Leonard said:

    While I was worried about my project only being the “i” in “ish” of being complete, Katherine reminded me along with Danielle that it is the process that matters! Thanks for sharing those books-great reminders about having fun and the gift that everyone has inside.

  12. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Kara, the i is very important or else you’d only have sh. We don’t want you to “sh”, we want you to scream out load the wonders of education, technology and of course DEN. So if you have the i and I have the sh we can put it together for the ish. That’s teamwork! And I for one was so pleased at all the teamwork I saw this week. You all were an amazing group and very DENish!

  13. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks for sharing “ish” with us.It really helped put us all at ease to start out our week. And the “dot” that anyone can create a masterpiece! As we all proved by Thurday afternoon. I am going to share these thoughts and books at my trainings this year – as many of my teachers are so afraid and hesitant of technology and maybe it will do for them as it did for me. Thanks for extending the learnig beyond DEN.

  14. Katherine Aiken said:

    I forgot to get your copy of “ish” to take to NECC. I’ll see what I can do while I’m there since I want to get a copy for myself.

    🙂 Katherine

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