DEN Camp in Osceola County Continues

Img_2399 While you are creating masterpieces, it is very important to enjoy eating creatively also!  For lunch today, Lance and the ladies continued to enjoy the gifts of collaboration, creativity and camaraderie.  We went to this incredible little restaurant in Kissimmee called the Broadway Coffee & Art Restaurant.  The food was delicious and we really enjoyed each other’s company.  It is such a privilege to work with such a great group of teachers!Img_2397

Ish In this morning’s session, I taught them some unconventional uses of PowerPoint and read them a second book by Peter Reynolds – "ish." These teachers are such high achievers that I wanted to encourage them to do their best on these masterpieces, but know that they couldn’t possibly finish everything in just four days.

Creating_masterpieces_1 In the afternoon, Lance continued to show the teachers more in his bag of tricks and the teachers had some great collaboration, research and design time to work on their "Masterpieces."  Thanks Karen Pruitt for taking the pictures today!

After DEN Camp all day, Lance even did one of our monthly CyberSpot trainings.  Teachers with a wireless lapton can come to our home and get inservice credit for one of four unitedstreaming sessions.  All they have to do is folllow the signs!Den_004_1 We had a great little group of four join us for some of Lance’s expertise.  Den_001

As always, I am
Ubiquitously Yours,
Karen  Cyberspot_unitedstreaming_training.kmz




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  1. Laurie Smith said:

    DEN camp is great! Karen feeds us and Lance teaches us about new programs. Google Earth is going to be huge help in my Earth science classroom. Wish you were here! LPS

  2. Wendy Norton said:

    Using Google Earth was really interesting and useful. I plan to inplement this into my lesson plans, and make movies of the screens to post on my website.

  3. Roseanne Foster said:

    DEN Camp has been a blast! Using PhotoStory adding the beginning emphasis I wanted for one of my units and gave me some choices for the first day of school. I wish there were more on United Streaming for Career and Technical areas.

  4. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Great conference Karen! The sessions have been great even for those advanced students! We have learned many cool tips and tricks to make our presentations more interactive for our students. Lance did a wonderful job with Google Earth. The students will be so excited when they take virtual fieldtrips next year. The Pyramids at Giza was a great Google Earth expedition. I learned so much in just a few hours. I can’t wait to research the topic in more detail and add to my virtual fieldtrip. Thanks for a great conference, wonderful food, and a fabulous networking experience.

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