Builder Day

Creating_masterpieces_2 The Osceola DEN Camp is part of a larger group of teachers in Summer Institute. Over 50 teachers plus our group are all learning how to integrate technology and prepare lessons for next year.  Today in DEN camp, we had "Builder Day" – Quiz Builder, Assignment Builder and Writing Prompt Builder.  I was able to demonstrate a sample of each of the three "builders" and had the teachers go through a quiz and an assignment.  Duh! I now have more emails that I ever wanted!  Each time someone takes one of your quizzes or does one of your assignments, be warned.  You will receive email notification.  It’s actually a great tool to know whether your students have actually been online or just say they have been there.

Den_002_1 Den_003Tea_goodies

I_am_so_not_a_girl Today’s creative meal was a delectable "tea" at my house.  Ruth’s Corner Deli prepared amazing finger sandwiches (some with imported cheeses from England) and scones! Ruth even whipped fresh cream and made her own dressing for the splendid salad.  Thanks, Barbara for remember to bring tea cups.  Thanks for sharing.  After lunch, we got back to work on our masterpieces or even had the option to attend some of the other sessions going on at Summer Institute.

All I can say, is what my daughters say to me, "Oh Mom, you are so not a girl!"  Having a tea party was definitely not my usual style, but it was so much fun.  I even burned my finger on the hot tea.   


As always, I am
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  1. wendy Norton said:

    Yesterday learning assignment builder and the quiz center I could see how useful it would be with my students who are absent or miss class. Lunch was awesome.

  2. Robert Abraham said:

    For those of you that have not YET taken a class with Karen, I would highly suggest that you sign up now. Karen is one of the best Teachers I have ever known. Karen can facilitate a group of teachers in such an amazing way…you will surely learn a lot. And yes, the Tea Party was wonderful (I was the only guy there).

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