My Four Week National Tour

Den_3This week, I began my four week tour across the country, starting with Cheryl the Southeast DEN Regional Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  Next week, I travel to the Southwest (Allen, TX) and Midwest (Chicago, IL) DEN Regional Institutes, followed by the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) and the first ever DEN National Leadership Institute.

WorkingMy hope is to podcast these events and I’m starting in Atlanta.  ThirtyJoe_1   amazing educators representing Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina shared their insight, stories and advice with me.  I hope you enjoy!

DinoDownload the Podcast Here!

Download 062206-DEN-Podcast-3.mp3

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  1. Sharon Sizemore said:

    What GREAT days we have had in Atlanta. Being able to learn from other educators has been so awesome! Thanks to the great leadership we’ve had. A leadership team made up of Danielle, Katherine, Brad and last to
    join us was Scott. Continue doing what you do best and know that I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me.
    Roll Tide Roll!
    Sharon Sizemore
    Alabama Girl!

  2. Pam Walker said:

    Aren’t you lucky, Scott, to start your tour in the Southeast?! So many great minds…helping each other become better educators! What a great learning experience! See you at NECC!

  3. Lee Kolbert said:

    Thank you for everything. It’s been a great experience working with you and collaborating with everyone. Brad, Danielle & Katherine really did a great job organizing an amazing event. I’m taking notes!

  4. Hall Davidson said:

    This was a great group of people! Listening to them share at Georgia Public Broadcasting, at dinner, and in the hallways, was enlightening on many levels. I met someone who teaches where my kid brothers kids went to school in Alabama–and understood why they turned out so well!

  5. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Scott –
    Thanks so much for allowing Danielle, Katherine and Brad to design our event. What a job they did!
    Thanks to you for visiting our event. We really enjoyed getting to know you as well. Podcasting is not so scary anymore! Working with the DEN leaders and Other DEN members has been an awesome event.
    Thanks, for creating and supporting DEN. It is really nice to have a company that appreciates educators the way unitedstreaming and Discovery do.
    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again (in NOV?)

  6. Carlos Sutton said:

    Good day,
    First of all, I am proud to say that being a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) member will continue to be a career-altering event for me. In my quest to learn more about technology, I was pleased to share my views during one of the podcasts and feel confident about spreading the word about United Streaming, Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), and the DEN network to Dekalb County Schools.

    Meeting and talking to Scott was a phenomenal experience. His wealth of knowledge shined as he exuded great dedication and enthusiasm about really helping teachers use technology effectively. He is a credit to the DEN.

    In addition, I am pleased with the updates that have been made on United Streaming, but was impressed that Scott was still very interested in how to continue to make improvements to the website. In that instance, I felt the dedication of the DEN was not temporary and that its effect on improving education would have positive ramifications for years to come. Again, thanks to Scott and to all the DEN leaders and members.

    Carlos Sutton
    Dekalb County Schools
    Chamblee Middle School

  7. Kara Leonard said:

    It was very nice meeting you and thanks for taking out time to come to Atlanta! The DEN Conference was a wonderful experience-really words can’t describe how great it was! I am looking forward to next year and I just wanted to Thank you and all the Field Managers for a lifetime experience!

  8. Katherine Aiken said:

    Thank you for joining us in Atlanta for the Southeast DEN Institute this week. You added so much to the entire experience, and I never knew that you could sing (“Down by the old mill stream…”). I will be sure to get a copy of all of the projects to you so that you can see and hear yourself in the movies!

    Thanks again for headin’ South for our regional get together. See you in Chicago next week! 🙂


  9. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Scott – In the presentations someone declared you “The Man”. I have to agree. Thanks for your leadership with the DEN team. It was a great week and I’m looking forward to the National Event real soon!

  10. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    The institute was exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Thanks for joining us. The SE DEN is now a family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come together to learn and share.

    Also thanks to Brad, Katherine, and Danielle they worked very hard and it showed.

  11. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I really enjoyed meeting you and share this wonderful experience with you. This was an “AWESOME” conference. It was well organized giving us a chance to gain a wealth of information. Thanks again Scott and all the field managers for a great event. I am looking forward to attending more of these.

  12. Julia Davis said:

    Thanks for visiting us in the South for our very first DEN Institute. I am so honored to have been selected and I hope that I will be able to attend again next year.
    Discovery has a FANTASTIC group of leaders! Brad, Katherine, and Danielle did an excellent job in planning our agenda, selecting speakers, feeding us, and entertaining us. I couldn’t have asked for a better week in Atlanta.
    I learned more about UnitedStreaming, podcasting, blogging, wikis, Premiere Elements, Photo Shop, and the list goes on.
    I met Brad Fountain about two months ago at ETV in South Carolina and applied to be a DEN member that night! I now know the importance and privelege of being a DEN member and I plan to encourage other teachers in my district to jump on board.

    Thanks again!
    Julia Davis
    SC DEN member
    Lexington School District Two
    West Columbia, SC

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