The Masterpieces Are Displayed

Creating_masterpieces_3 Fourteen talented teachers displayed their "masterpieces" today but not before we had a full and creative day.  Linda Borek, Instructional Technology Specialist for video editing for Osceola County, showed us the benefits of using Producer to create blended videos.  She demonstrated how we could create a mix of PowerPoint, digital Lunch4 picture slide shows, audio and video in a simple program.  We were all very impressed. Thanks so much, Linda, for creating this lesson especially for us.

Lunch, from Fat Boy’s, was brought right to the teachers so that they would have enough time to put the finishing strokes to their Unit Plans.  However, before they presented, we treated them to some creative pampering. After all, we wanted them to feel relaxed before showing those masterpieces!  Jennifer Montemayor came to the luncheon and set up an area for the teachers Competitionto enjoy facials and manicures. What fun.

In just four days, these teachers designed more curriculum with advanced features than I have ever seen in one sitting. The masterpieces included: College and Ahhh Careers by Roseanne, The Nature of Science by Michelle, Ancient Egypt by Teresa, 7th grade Earth Science by Laurie, Biomes by Wendy, 3rd grade Spelling and MUCH more by Leslie, AP Biology and Chorus by Amy, Matter by Michelle, 4th grade Math and Science by Barbara, Farm Vocabulary for Kindergarten by Karen, American Literature by Mignon, Introduction to Chemistry Ey by Elaine, A Tour of Washington, DC by Pamela and the Solar System by Debbie.  Now that’s a gallery of masterpieces!  Thanks, ladies.  Your students are very fortunate.

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  1. WEndy Norton said:

    Great pics, I was really relaxed. I think the cummulation of all the projects was great, so many approaches and so many ideas thanks for a great week.

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks for a fabulous week! All the VIP treatment made us feel truly appreciated as educators. You provided advanced trainings that enhanced our projects and enabled us to create our masterpieces. Thank you for everything you do. You make it a pleasure to be a DEN member!

  3. Mark Hall said:

    I have to say that I’ve been around you guys too much. Even with the towels over your faces and with the extra makeup, I can still tell who is who. I have to add that this looks like one session I’m not sorry I missed.

  4. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks for a great time. This is so cool that we are featured in the Discover Sept. newsletter.

    For anyone checking out this blog, we had a wonderful learning experience over the summer. If you are involved in the planning of summer institutes or events, I highly recommend asking your field manager to assist with the project. Karen Seddon is the field manager for South Florida and we know if she is involved, the program is going to be fantastic!


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